You know it’s fall already when the weather becomes cooler and the red-orange leaves start falling in the ground. The warm colors make for a great earthy palette that will look beautiful as decorations.  If you are planning a fall dinner party, there are so many elements you can add to bring the season to your table. Here are some great design ideas you can use to spruce up your table.

Go for fresh produce

Pumpkins are one of the well-known icons for fall. It symbolizes rebirth and fertility but also represents good harvest and crops which is also linked to Thanksgiving. Adding small pumpkins across the table to add a festive fall touch to your setup.  For a surprising touch, you can add other produce reminiscent of fall like figs, apples, gourds, berries, and pomegranates.

Choose sophisticated colors

Fall’s colors like red and purple go great with jewel tones like blue, green, and pink for an edgy palette. It is a unique take that will make the table setup memorable. Finish off with an exquisite set of matching gold flatware to cap the tasteful spread.

Surprise your guests by adding metallic colors around the table setup. This will add a modern yet tasteful touch to your fall table décor.

Make it a Floral Fall

Dried flowers can be your floral set up for a fall-inspired table. It will look great as a centerpiece or as table name card accents. Flowers amaranth, baby’s breath, celosia, and coneflower are some of the most gorgeous flowers to dry and display.

Warm it up with Candles

Add candles to add warmth (literally) around the table. The colors of fall will look even more dramatic with these. Votive candles and tea lights will look best with an elaborate centerpiece. Taper candles will look great with candle holders and will be great as centerpieces themselves. Remember to place them in varying heights so it won’t hinder conversation across the table.

Complete the Experience with Scents

Add in pleasant fall scents to delight your guests’ sense of smell. You can choose to buy scented candles or add essential oils to your diffuser. Choose the scent of cinnamon, crisp apples, pumpkin spice, or melted chocolate to compliment your setup.

Whatever theme or accent you choose, remember to have fun while doing this. A beautiful table is better if it’s filled with people that matter to you and make you warm inside.

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