Cauliflowers are a great addition to your vegetable garden. They’re delicious, healthy, and easy to cook. Cauliflowers have great health benefits like high in fiber, contain good antioxidants, and aid in weight loss. Cauliflowers are from the brassica family of plants, which also includes broccoli and cabbage.

If you are ready to harvest your planted cauliflowers, we will guide you in the step-by-step in harvesting them easily.

Step 1: Check if it is ready to harvest

The first step is to check the cauliflower head. The cauliflower head should be compact, firm, and white before harvesting. It takes about 2-3 months before they are ready. When you see the leaves opening up, it will show the cauliflower head.  A good head size to harvest is typically 4 to 6” in width. Once you see the head, you have about 7 days to harvest it.

Step 2: Off with the head

Get a sharp paring knife and start cutting the cauliflower head from the main stem. It’s best to keep some of the outer leaves so that the head can still be protected. This will prevent bruising on the pristine top of the cauliflower.

Step 3: Keeping it clean for storage

Soak the harvested head in saltwater to remove pesky cabbage worms for about 20-30 minutes. You will have peace of mind that it is pest-free. Cauliflower can be preserved frozen or canned but best if you keep it refrigerated for a week.

Congratulations on your cauliflower bounty! You can now enjoy a healthy and delicious meal to serve at the dining table.

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