With winter’s snow melting off in the warm spring sun, it’s a great time to start spring cleaning. Since your home is closed off during winter, spring cleaning will fluff out the dirt and dust that settled in. Here is a simple checklist of the vital parts of your home to check during spring cleaning.

1. Check the Drains and Gutters

Remove any leaves and debris that might have blocked the pipes. Spring will see frequent rains and it is important to de-clog the drains. Blocked gutters can damage the walls and even your roof. Consider adding wire mesh to prevent debris especially if there are trees nearby.

2. Assess Roof Condition

Assess the roof’s shingles to see its current condition and if repainting is needed. Check the flashings near the chimney for any damages which might have occurred during winter.

3. Clean Windows and Doors

Aside from wiping the windows and doors clean, check their overall condition as well. Look for cracks or water leakages that can cause major damages. You can also caulk the windows to strengthen them for another seasonal cycle.

4.Test Smoke Detectors

Check smoke detectors every 6 months and change the batteries as well. In some places, summer can ignite wildfires and smoke detectors can be a lifesaving appliance in the house. Remember to test effectivity and responsiveness so you can assess if it needs any repair.

5. Evaluate Your Home’s Foundation

Inspect the area where your house stands especially during rainfall. This can give you an idea of where the water is pooling and where the potential damage is. This checkup can prevent water from filling up window wells and prevent basement flooding.

Spring allows us to assess our house and prepare for more difficult seasons.  Being forewarned in spring will keep us forearmed for future problems.

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